by sabian

Signal Booster

Some time ago (a couple of years) I got a signal box from EE (one of these -


I've since moved from EE but my partner continues to be on the EE network.


During that time the signal box was disconnected from our router and this resulted in the signal on my partners phone dropping back down to 1 bar.

I've finally got round to finding a spare ethernet port, connected the signal box up however despite leaving for quite some time, the icon on the front of the signal box continues to flash on/off green and never goes solid - i'm sure it's supposed to go solid green when properly connected and active.


Any ideas?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Signal Booster

Hi @sabian


These devices are account specific, so if attached to your account then there will be no access. The firmware will also need updating.


Can your partner not connect to EE WiFi calling service?



To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
by sabian

Re: Signal Booster

Ah, well my old EE account will have obviously been disabled.


How do i go about assigning the existing hardware (the signal booster box) to her account and getting the firmware updated?


I'm sure when i was with EE and the booster box improved my signal, it also improved the signal on her phone also... so I'm presuming at this point, its simply not "active" due to my deactivated account.

Notably she has a Samsung Galaxy J5 so the EE Wifi Calling Service is not suitable for her device.




EE Community Support Team

Re: Signal Booster

Good Morning @sabian


Welcome to the community!


If your partner is having problems with signal in the new property, I would advise for the account holder to give us a call so we can look at this further. 


Thanks, Katie 🙂

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