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Shared data

 I've noticed its saying one of my lines is sharing data, I don't know how this is or why its changed. How can I find out what its sharing with??


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Re: Shared data

@Michelles205 It's probably not sharing with anything else.  EE tend to set up all new lines now as shared plans automatically just in case you do ever need to start sharing the plan at a later date.


My 12 month SIM only plan was set-up like this as a shared plan even though I don't share it.


Having the plan shared actually gives you more options to do things like block buying more data or block roaming etc via your online EE account as well.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Shared data

Hi @Michelles205


Welcome to the community. 🙂


This is absolutely nothing to worry about.


As @Profile closed explained, it just means your number is set up to be able to share data if you add a sharer to your account in future.


Find more information about shared plans >


Chris 🙂


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