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Service quality

I am currently with an other service provider for my mobile phone which runs of the EE network, I live in the country so I am too far away from an exchange to get any sort of internet so I use a 4G mobile service through EE for my internet, due to the location of the house the mobile phone and internet signal I receive both inside and out side the house is very poor, is there anything EE can do to boost the signal, I know that there are signal boosters on the market but not really sure what I should be looking for, My current mobile contract is up for renewal and would be willing to swap to EE for everything if they were able to sort out the signal, if not then I would stay with my current provider as they are cheaper.

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Grand Master

Re: Service quality

Hi @Nick1624 


Can you connect to EE WiFi calling service?


Unfortunately EE like all carriers cannot guarantee a signal everywhere. 







To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
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Skilled Contributor

Re: Service quality

There's 2 sides to this conundrum, to be fair..


1: If you're with an MVNO or other reseller, then that's probably for cost reasons and part of the trade-off is that you get a budget calls & texts service without any of the network extras. So any extra services are the responsibility of that provider - which in the vast majority of cases they won't offer.


2: The flip-side is that there are some extras that EE offer direct customers which can help coverage in fringe locations. WiFi calling  helps with indoor coverage, and having a 4G-calling device helps in any areas where 4G-800 signal is used, this is much better in rural and indoor locations.


If you check your postcode in the website coverage map and choose a phone that supports 4G calling then the coverage prediction should include this in its results. There's also a third-party webpage which can tell you whether 800Mhz is used in your area, but it's probably not for posting on here (Happy to provide this via PM or check for you)

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Expert Contributor

Re: Service quality

To add to the above point, assuming your device is compatible with wifi calling and unlocked I would suggest trying a 30 day sim only plan to test at your location to check if the additional services would improve your service there.


If it does not, you're not obligated past the 30 days/can return within 14 days if you order online.

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Scholarly Contributor

Re: Service quality

@bristolian The coverage checker doesn't show 800mhz coverage no matter what phone you enter. I believe there are a couple of random postcodes that show it but in 99% of cases you don't see it. You used to be able to use the BT checker but they've removed the feature since they updated their map to show 5G.

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Skilled Contributor

Re: Service quality

Well.... @sully1311 


You're right, the coverage checker certainly hides the 800Mhz coverage, but it is possible to highlight it... IF you enter a postcode where the only 4G coverage is on 800Mhz.


That's why I was very careful in wording my previous post and offering the use of the independent checker. In any area where 4G800 is available alongside 4G1800 and/or 4G2600, you're right. But where 4G800 is available by itself (I work in and travel to a few of these areas), then there is a subtly different wording on the checker along the lines of "4G calling required here".


Unfortunately for the OP, I know the Culloden area of Inverness quite well - and I know there is 800Mhz there, but it's alongside 1800Mhz.. so the EE checker won't be conclusive. The suggestion of a 30day SIM-only is an excellent idea if all else fails.

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