by Thefarmery

S4 will not register on network.

Afternoon All,

I'm trying to get my new S4 working. When I restart the phone it will log on to EE but after a few seconds it will say no network available. If I search for a network It can see O2, Vodafone, EE and 3 but when I select EE it waits for a  few minutes and then says could not connect.

I've just been into town where there is a very strong signal and tried the various network type and rebooting solutions mentioned in other posts but still nothing.

If I put my sim back in my old Samsung Ace everything works fine.


Any help will be appreciated. 


Merry Christmas



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: S4 will not register on network.



This is the Galaxy S4? Is your phone unlocked?


Are you on EE, Tmobile or Orange as this the I9500 isn't 4G compatible,  so you will at best receive a 3G signal. 


Also make sure the firmware is up to date. 





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Re: S4 will not register on network.

Great questions @Northerner 


Let's see what @Thefarmery comes back with.


Oh and Merry Christmas to you too 🙂





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