by Benton
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Restricted Access Changed - Data Service Blocked

I have been receiving this alert during the working day (in a city with good 4G network signal), every day for the last couple of months. 


I've read other post about this on this forum, none with a satisfactory answer.


My question is just:  Does EE restrict/ block data service during busy periods. 

If so, why am I paying for monthly data bundles on this network?






[Using a Moto X Play on personal PAYG account with data bundles.  This appears to be an EE network issue -  I can tether my phone through my work O2 phone and all data services work fine in the same location].

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Restricted Access Changed - Data Service Blocked

@Benton  No EE doesn't  restrict data usage.  The only thing cancan happen is if the mast is highly congested and this puts a strain on the mast on the signal its outputs.  This can then reduce the signal range of the mast.   It's more than likely that you are out of range of the mast to get because it's under strain. 

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