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Remote Access Ip Camera - Router



I have a property with no possibility of fixed line

I have a Asus 4g-n300 router and a 4g pay monthly sim.


The issud I have is with remotely accesing the router via the IP. I use noip for dynamic DNS this updates correctly, port forwarding is set up and this works correctly if connected to an EE service. What I mean by this if you connect via another device which is tehered to an EE service or use a mobile phone browser the port forwarding works. If however I use BT broadband, O2 mobile network etc the port forwarding fails.


Its as if the IP is not visible outside the EE network, I require this to allow me to remotely acces my webcam.


Any thoughts, contacted support and they say this is not supported and for security reasons?


much appreciated




by krzysiek82 Established Contributor
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Re: Remote Access Ip Camera - Router

Hi Steven,


it won't work over a ee mobile broadband service as the public IP is shared between other customers, and they block any kind of incoming connections to the IP address you are using,


if you cant get a fixed line your only option is 3 network, this is the only mobile network that port forwarding and ddns service work without problem 


by sjreaper Investigator

Re: Remote Access Ip Camera - Router

Many thanks for the reply

Not ideal but that’s the limitation I supose

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