by NatNats Investigator

Re: Data gifting

Hi guys. I have a quick one.


So added 2 lines onto my account that I have a smart 100gb plan on. One handset being a 4gb tariff ( 24 month handset plan) the other being an add line simo. Have a slight issue where I can gift as much data to the simo but the app wont let me gift anymore than 3.5 gb to the handset plan


It's strange because on my partners account we can gift pretty much the whole amount bar 500mb over to the other lines on his account ie from his to daughters tablet or from daughters tab to his


Any ideas?

EE Community Support Team

Re: Data gifting

Hi @NatNats 


Data is gifted in increments of 500MB. You need at least 500MB left on a plan to gift data.


It could be that after gifting 3.5GB, there isn't quite 500MB left on the 4GB plan.



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