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Quality of 4G gotten poor

I've upgraded my data from 32GB to 64GB last week and the quality has been getting worse and worse ever since. Connection disappears randomly (4G still shows) and I have to wait until I can browse again. When using tethering it's even worse. I play games with 4G (I know it's not optimized for gaming) and it did fine before, but now my ping has increased and I get "lag spikes" every 1-5 seconds where I lose connection for a second to the point I can barely play a game. It used to be great a month ago. I always check to see if my signal has dropped but I have stable 4G connection on full bars according to my phone (S7 Edge). Is there something going on with EE's network or is it something on my end?

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Re: Quality of 4G gotten poor

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An increase in your data allowance wouldn't cause an issue with your connection.


It'll either be device or network related.


Have you tried clearing caches on your device?


I've found a good article - How to clear cache on a Galaxy S7.


Also is your phone all up to date with software?


Hope this is helpful!


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