by katie211

Positive Feedback



I am just trying to find a way to give some positive feedback on a call I had with a lady called Mary from EE in Wexford. It was a very basic query that I had but she was super helpful and after having to deal with extremely poor customer service from other companys today, her bright and warm interaction made a refreshing change. She was very polite and engaged in small conversations during times when she was looking things up for me, I am unable to find any other way of getting this feedback across. I think it's great when you speak with staff who actually appear to want to help you rather than just doing it because they have to.



EE Community Team

Re: Positive Feedback

Hi @katie211,


Thanks for coming here to let us know about the brilliant call you had today with Mary.



As a thanks you for letting us know, we would like to give you a little gift 🙂


I have sent you a private message to get some details.


Thank you for making the community a great place 🙂



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