by Ksdawg Investigator

Phone saying no data,web saying 1GB Huh?

I maybe slow at this,and possibly in the wrong forum,

my apologies if this is the case.

can anyone tell me why my phone is saying no data left and redirecting me to buy more,but my EE is showing 1GB left of 5GB allowance?

is it simply that the site is slow to keep up with usage or should I query this further?

many thanks.

by peppacool Investigator

Re: Phone saying no data,web saying 1GB Huh?



Have you tried texting AL / BA to 150 to check your allowance / balance?


Has EE text that you have reached 80%/ 100% usage alert?


This will give you an indication of what you have left.


Also do you have an android? If so then check settings》data usage to see if you have a data limit set. If so you can either set it to match your data allowance and refresh date or to deactivate completely as EE will warn you anyway. Hope this helps.


If not it will be a case of ringing CS tomorrow. 


EE Community Support Team

Re: Phone saying no data,web saying 1GB Huh?

Thanks for helping @peppacool


Hello there @Ksdawg,


Welcome to the community.


Let us know how you are getting on with the questions above?


Speak soon 🙂

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