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Phone data

I was just wondering how I can check how much data I have being using on my old sim for apps like "maps"? 

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Re: Phone data

Hello @Stwman what phone do you have? You should be able to view how much data each app has used under the mobile data settings. 🙂

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Re: Phone data

Whilst EE don't differentiate between different types of data, you can get your total data usage by browsing to on the EE device.

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Re: Phone data

Hi @Stwman and welcome to the Community.


On my android device I can see my usage by the following steps


Screenshot_20170507-131207.pngGo to settingsScreenshot_20170507-131212.pngSelect mobile dataScreenshot_20170507-131221.png4G usage rankingScreenshot_20170507-131228.pngHow much data each app uses


Each device may differ in what steps should be taken, but I have used mine as an example.


Many thanks,



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