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PAYG Free boost problem. "Zero packs to go / -1 packs away"



I'm on a £10 PAYG pack. At the end of January I was 1 pack away from my next free boost. I topped up and bought my next pack. As expected I was told I was eleigable for a free boost and so I chose extra data. At this point the system should of reset meaning I should of been back to 3 packs away from my next boost.


Now, at the beginning of March, I have topped up again and bought my next pack. The free data boost I chose at the end of January went onto my balance just fine. Having bought this pack, my expectation is that I should now be of course 2 packs away from my next boost.


However for some reason when I text BOOST to 150 to find out, it says I am "-1 packs away" and when I check online it says "zero packs to go". There is obviously some sort of glitch and I'm worried once I've bought my next 2 packs and should be eligable for my next free boost, I won't get it.


I spoke to customer services on 150 and as nice and helpful as they tried to be, I don't think they understood the situation and I was getting confused myself.

Can anyone offer some help please? Would it be best to speak to someone in store?



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Re: PAYG Free boost problem. "Zero packs to go / -1 packs away"

Hi and welcome to the Community @jacko183


I understand your frustration with this issue.


I would advise giving customer services another calling and asking them to perform a network refresh.


If this does not resolve your issue, they will need to raise a Single User Fault.


Another user is going through the same procedure to have this rectified.


Many thanks,



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