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Nightmare resolved.

Where to start.


I wanted to make use of the eSIM. Thankfully Im sorted now and everything is up and running. Going into store, or calling customer service was a nightmare in relation to the eSIM. Thankfully if you want eSIM information, call 150, ask for the dual SIM team. These guys are the best to sort you out


I visited a EE store. The short version. I asked for a eSIM and was asked to take a seat. The assistant manager came over to assist. She was very polite and helpful. I made it VERY clear I did not wish to alter any of my plans, or buy any additional  products, period. 


I arrived home and decided  to check my account. The store had created an additional number for me, and changed both my current plans. Well I was (lots of rude words). I called CS and was greeted by a great guy who was very good with me given  my anger/frustration. He cancelled the new plan. He was unable alter the previous plans, I was advised to go back to the store. 1 hours drive away. I did and spent 4 hours there whilst they sorted the issue out. However none of my add on appeared. 


I called CS and was told the Go faster add on is no available. I told them there was a whole page on the EE site about go faster. 


I made about 5 calls all to no avail. No you mean Got Further, no such add on…


I was told I could not have the Go faster with my current plan. But Ive had the plan for the past 14 months and paid £2 for the add on. This went ** up after the EE store changed my plan. 


In frustration I contacted the CEO’s office. Thank you Marc for taking the time to acknowledged  my email. His team took the issue onboard. The lady there as been true to her word and done me proud.


I am now informed that the current SIM only plans do not allow you to have Go Faster. Yet my brother added Go Faster to his number yesterday morning. Explain. That EE.


The EE web page  Go Faster page states nothing about SIM only plans not accepting this option. If this is correct please mention this on the Go faster page.



You can only have a MAX Plan if you purchase the unit from EE. Currently this option is not offered to SIM only customers. It used to be. I hope EE rethink and offer this plan to us again. 


Overall I’m really happy with the service from EE. I just wish there was more transparency and information relating to add o’s and eSIM. Many of the staff appear confused or have no knowledge of the products. Of course I don’t expect staff to know about every EE product/add on. However i do expect them to be upfront and say I don’t know, and to pass me onto some else.


The EE store in question. I’m told they misunderstood how eSIM worked. As stated in the forum you do NOT need to take out an additional  line for your current number to be moved across to the eSIM.


Im still a little annoyed. This should have been sorted out with CS and never reach the CEO’s office. I can only hope they look at what went wrong with their own system and responds.


Im glad everything at this point in time seems ok.


Have lovely weekend everyone.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Nightmare resolved.

Hi @Bazinga.


I'm delighted to see that you're all sorted, but sorry to read that you had to go through such lengths to do so.


As part of another thread in the community, I have been in contact with the project owner of the Go Further and Go Faster add-ons and asked for more clarification on which plans they're eligible with and to update the help pages to reflect this.


Thanks for posting your experience, I look forward to seeing you around the community in future.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend too. 🙂


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