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Network problems

I've just been notified of 'network problems' in my area. My phone keeps saying that network connection has been switched off by your provider, or similar wording. A recent txt update said this will be until 30 August. I assume those affected will be compensated as we are still paying? Thanks

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Re: Network problems

@Kiwi2019   Only if it does impact your usage based on your previous usage.  So if you only make a few calls a week you’ll not get a reimbursement.  The outage has to impact you to the point that it’s effectively having an effect on you.  

just to point out no network can provide a 100% issue free network 24/7.  EE have made you aware of an issue and are working on that issue.  



This is from EEs T&Cs of the contract you agreed to.


Our Network
You can use Our Network to make and receive calls (including internet phone calls known as VoIP) and texts and use the internet over 2G and 3G. If You have 4G compatible Equipment and a compatible Price Plan, You can also use Our 4G Network. We will try to provide a high-quality Network to You at all times. However, We cannot guarantee that We will always be able to provide Network coverage. You need to check the coverage You might get before buying the Services on Our coverage checker, which can be found on Our website ( The availability and quality of the Services are affected by a number of things such as the number of people using the Network and Your location (see points 4.1 and 4.2 of the terms and conditions).


Our Services Network and access to Services

4.1 At any time Our Network comprises lots of different types of
technologies. The Services are made available provided You are in range of base stations forming part of the relevant technological Network when trying to use any particular Service. For example, You can only use 3G Services when You are in range of a 3G base station and You can only use 4G Services when You are in range of a 4G base station (which may only be available in certain geographical areas). You may have to connect to a particular Price Plan and/or use particular Equipment to gain access to certain Services. You should check Your coverage using the coverage checker on Our website before requesting the Services. Any coverage maps are Our best estimate of Our outdoor coverage but not a guarantee of service coverage which may vary from place to place.

4.2 You may use the Services to contact the emergency services for free by calling 999 or 112 (or by sending an SMS to 999 if You are registered to contact emergency services by SMS) provided You are in range of a base station forming part of Our Network. If You are not within range of one of Our base stations, or if Our base station is not transmitting for any reason, the Equipment may try to use another mobile network to connect Your call to the emergency services. Depending on the Equipment You use, Your approximate location (using Network, global positioning satellite network information and Wi-Fi data) may be provided to the emergency services via functionality built into the Equipment. See Your Price Plan terms and conditions for any other restrictions on access to emergency services.

4.3 We will always try to make the Services available to You, using the reasonable skill and care that would be expected of a competent mobile communications provider, but sometimes they may be unavailable as a result of, or be affected by:

4.3.1 things like the weather and faults in other networks;

4.3.2 the number of people using the Network or maintenance requirements of the Network including (but not only) re-positioning and/or decommissioning of base stations;

4.3.3 Your location when using the Services. For example, coverage is affected if You are indoors and/or by the thickness of the walls; or
4.3.4 the country You use the Services in. Some overseas networks do not provide the same coverage as in the UK. You also may not be able to use some of the Services when You are Roaming.
4.4 Where there is disruption to the Network (including disruption described at point 6.1.1) You must let Us know by calling Us. We’ll investigate and take steps to resolve the disruption reported.
4.5 We would pro-rate your Monthly Charges or other recurring Charges by up to 100% during a reported period of Network disruption where:
4.5.1 the disruption reported impacts the parts of the Network and the Services You most frequently use; and
4.5.2 the disruption is considered to be severe based on Your previous usage history and Our reasonable assessment of the impact of that disruption on You, using appropriate diagnostics tools; and
4.5.3 an alternative mode of accessing the disrupted Services is unavailable to You.
4.6 We reserve the right to manage Your use of Our Network in order to protect it for the use of all of Our customers. We may therefore apply traffic management controls from time to time. Details of Our current policy are on Our website.

you can read the T&Cs HERE


EE Community Support Team

Re: Network problems

Hello @Kiwi2019


Thanks for coming to the community.


Do you get service in other areas?


What device are you using?


Are you with us on a pay monthly account?



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Re: Network problems



Texts and calls are fine. 4g is always dodgy where I am. On a Samsung Note 8 and it's a pay monthly.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Network problems

Thanks @Kiwi2019


Thanks for the quick reply.


Are you able to use WiFi calling at home?


If you would like us to look into this further, give our Tech Gurus a call and they will be able to help 🙂




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Re: Network problems

Ok, well I'm just back from a trip so I'll see how much it affects me from now until 30 August.

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