by emz_uk123

My travel pass is running out too quickly suddenly?

Hi guys - I am in China for work and have been paying for a Travel Pass for a few days and it's been working fine up until yesterday, when it said I ran out of data and stopped letting me on 4G. Today it ran out  within 4 hours and I was barely on my phone. Can someone assist?! This is so frustrating as I need my phone for work and paying for this pass to work.


Thanks in advance

EE Community Support Team

Re: My travel pass is running out too quickly suddenly?

Hi @emz_uk123


Welcome to the community, I hope you're having a great trip.


Our how much Internet data are you using on EE? article explains how your data usage is used.


To discuss your travel plan further, I recommend getting in touch with our customer service team.


You can get in touch with our chat team by logging into your My EE account on your phone's browser (not the app) or a computer.


Once you're logged in, a chat window will pop up when an advisor is available.


If you can't get in contact with chat, please get in touch from an alternative phone.



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