by pickles4uk

My data is draining quicker

I've had my phone contract since December 2017 and it includes 1GB of data. Up until now that has been more than enough each month, but the last 3 months I've gone over 80% usage and this month I've run out with 4 days left until it renews. I rarely use 4G as I'm connected to Wifi most of the time. I only really use it for google maps. I just don't understand why all of a sudden it's draining quicker when the last year and a half it was fine.

by Expert Contributor
Expert Contributor

Re: My data is draining quicker

The best thing to do is go into settings on your phone, to the data usage section. This will show you what's using your data. 

by pickles4uk

Re: My data is draining quicker

Google maps uses the most data, but I haven't been using it anymore than I normally would.

EE Community Support Team

Re: My data is draining quicker

Hi @pickles4uk.


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How often do you use Google Maps?


What phone are you using?


Find out more about how much data you're using on EE >



by Prodigious Contributor
Prodigious Contributor

Re: My data is draining quicker

Depending what model of phone you have, there may well be an option to view data use by individual apps over time. Somewhere under Settings > Data Usage or similar.

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