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Mobile data useage


My 5GB data allowance renewed today but I have a couple of queries about it....

Am I right in thinking it will have renewed at midnight? If so, my question is why I was down to 4.9GB when i woke up this morning at 6am?

The phone has been on charge by my bed, connected to the house wifi, so where has the 100MB's gone? I know it's not much but if that amount disappears everyday that's 3 out of my 5GB's gone in the month!

I only checked this morning as last month I seemed to have used a lot more data, 5GB's has always lasted me the month, so when i ran out and had to pay £10 for another 2GB's last month I was quite surprised & began to monitor it more closeley.


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Expert Contributor

Re: Mobile data useage

You'll need to have a look at the Data Usage monitor in your settings and this will show you what has been using mobile data and how much. Telling us what handset you have will enable more specific advice.


Incidentally, you've not necessarily used 100 Megabytes, it may just have rounded down.

by npate

Re: Mobile data useage

Ah right, I'm not sure where to look inmy settings, it's an iphone 5s. Thanks

EE Community Support Team

Re: Mobile data useage

Hi @npate


Welcome to the community. 🙂


You can check your usage by tapping Settings >>> Mobile Data >>> Scroll down.


This will show you the usage for each app (since you last reset the statistics, if ever).


It may not answer your question this time, but, if you reset the statistics going forward, it may help identify what, in your phone, is using the data.


It is also worth turning WiFi assist off, if you don't want to use this feature.


You can find more information about that and turn it off on the same menu, near the bottom.


Hope this helps.


Chris 🙂

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