by JanDunbar

Mobile Router Drops the Internet

We have a 4G mobile router which works perfectly in the mornings but, most days, drops the internet around lunchtime.  We are travelling in a motorhome at the moment and have been using the mobile router in towns, cities and villages, all with exactly the same result.  We keep getting a No Internet message.  Sometimes, the router does not respond to anything; there is no 4G, 3G, envelope icon or lights showing - only the EE icon on the front of the router which flashes on and off every few seconds.


We have checked several times that we have not run out of data - we are on 60 gigs a month and we have never used anywhere near that much.


EE cannot give us an explanation as to why the router shuts down and I wondered whether anyone else has had this problem.



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Mobile Router Drops the Internet

@JanDunbar Are you using the router when it shuts dowm ?   

by JanDunbar

Re: Mobile Router Drops the Internet

Hi Mark.

I don't know that the router does shut down. There is only one button (on
the side) but the router flashes the EE logo on the top surface all day and
night. We are usually sitting working on the laptop when the internet goes
off so we are using the router at the time we lose the internet. We have
tried pressing the button and holding it for 10 seconds, but that doesn't
seem to work. I wondered whether the unit is over heating as it always
seems to be around lunchtime or shortly after when it goes off.

Sorry, it's difficult to explain.

We've tried popping out the mini sim and putting it back in again but that
doesn't seem to make any difference.

Many thanks.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Mobile Router Drops the Internet

Good Evening @JanDunbar


Thanks for coming to the community.


I would like to help you get this looked into.


I have sent you a private message on here to get some details.



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