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MiFi box in the USA

I am going to the USA on holiday and already have an EE MiFi device. I was wanting to top up the pay as you go card inside and use it to provide data for several family members.


Is this possible?


As you top up data in GB chunks is there any difference when using that data in the USA

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Re: MiFi box in the USA

@scott23c Unfortunately, none of the EE WiFi devices are compatible with the mobile phone networks used in the US and so will not work sorry.


EE only designed their WiFi boxes for U.K. and EU use.  That makes then cheaper to make.

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Re: MiFi box in the USA

Hello and welcome.

The USA is not on inclusive roaming for Pay as you go so you would need to buy a USA data addon while abroad. Here is the USA roaming page.

Another thing to note is that EE's MiFis are built for the UK market and thus work well in UK+Europe but their band support is not ideal for USA.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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