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Keeping up to date with mast repairs

So I've been using a 4Gee device for broadband and it's been working great but today it is so slow it's unusable.


After I rang customer support they told me a mast in my area (TR84GB) needs repairs.


I signed up to the My Places texts but all it said was the resolution time was unknown. Does this mean it's going to take ages and I'll be without the internet for a long time? 😞


Is there any way of knowing when engineers will visit and fix the problem?



EE Community Support Team

Re: Keeping up to date with mast repairs

Hi @BETHtoTHEfuture


Thank you for coming here 🙂


Please try not to worry, I am sure when the work needed is assessed it will updated as soon as possible.


I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.







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Re: Keeping up to date with mast repairs

Mast repairs can take anything from a few hours to months.  An EE mast near where I work took 4 months to be fixed!

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