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Internet booster



I am a T-Mobile PAYG customer of the 6 month internet booster that costs £40. In the last few months I have been having the same issue over and over again. Whenever I reach the limit of the Booster the internet access is barred by EE. It's simply cut off completely. I purchase another booster, usually the 5 day booster, but the internet doesn't come back automatically.


I have to call 150 and explain the situation repeatedly so I can continue using data.  I have to go through the assessment of location and phone settings. I am reminded that the booster has a limit. I have to insist that the situation is as described. After so many calls the patience simply runs out.


I receive the following message "You've used up your internet booster. To continue using data until your fair use limit resets click here" 


I have NEVER been able to open this link on my phone, tablet or computer be it on mobile data or wi-fi. If I am on wi-fi  a message on the browser prompts me to use mobile data to open the link. 


I understand that this might be a marginal product and maybe even not a profitable one for EE, nonetheless this should not just simply cut me off from mobile data. If the text that I receive invites me to buy a new booster the barring of the internet should not exist. I should be able to continue using it even if I had to pay the daily rate or the MBs i consumed after the limit.


I am fully aware that I should comply with the use limit imposed by EE but there seems to be something wrong in the way that these limits work in terms of the network. I have been a user of boosters in the past but do not recall ever been simply cut off when reaching the limit. 


Please take care of this issue once and for all so I don't have to resource to the forum and 150 over and over again.


Thank you

EE Community Support Team

Re: Internet booster

Hi @omegaalpha19


The help page for this add-on states:


*This Booster comes with a Fair Use Policy of 500MB a calendar month. We’ll monitor how much you use each calendar month so that we can protect our network for all our customers. If you use more than your fair use policy amount we won’t charge you any more but we may restrict how you can use internet on your phone.


It sounds like you're not able to use the T-Zones link because your internet service is restricted. Once you've spoken to the customer service team and had the service resumed, are you then able to use the T-Zones link?




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