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IPv6 now available for everyone?

I have been running the ipv6-test site on my iPhone 8 (purchased directly on contract from EE) and recently I am seing a native dual-stack IPv6 connection everywhere I have tried so far, so I'm guessing my account / SIM has been enabled for it and it is not mast/site specific. I have EE carrier profile 32.5.15 on iOS12 beta. Is IPv6 now available for everyone or am I just one of the lucky ones or is it beacuse i'm on a beta carrier profile and this will come to everyone in September? Anyway, cool stuff

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Re: IPv6 now available for everyone?

Just tested it on my phone, I have the X and iOS 11.4.1 with EE 32.1, no IPv6 for now. 😞 



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Re: IPv6 now available for everyone?

Good spot @slenpree


Just tested my iPhone X here also running the beta version of iOS 12 and I've now also got IPv6 via EE cellular now too.

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Re: IPv6 now available for everyone?

@slenpree. I’ll test this later as I have beta 12 and I know I get iPv6 on my X with the beta.  but I can test 11.4.1 all be it on a 6s 

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Re: IPv6 now available for everyone?

Yes I have got it on the I-Phone as I am also on IOS 12, but I-Pad no IPv6 , which is also IOS 12, so interesting.


Just to let you know that IPv6 for Wifi is on both, but Cellular, only on the I-Phone X, not sure about other I-Phones, as it is the only one I have.

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