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IPsec VPN doesn't work most of the time (network IP dependent)

On an iPhone SE and iPad Pro, an IPsec VPN works only when forced to work on 3G. The same VPN on iOS devices works fine on Vodafone 3/4G.


It connects to the VPN within a second or two each time and gets an internal IP as expect from the VPN, but no data works thereafter.


It works on occasion and appears to depend what IP address the EE device is on at the time. For instance, on a 2xx.x.x.x EE IP, it will work. On a 3x.x.x.x, it wont. Sometimes you will be given a 2xx.x.x.x address on 4G, but mostly you have to force it to use 3G to obtain one.


Perhaps its something teredo tunneling, IPv6 to IPv4?


In any event, its been the same since I started with EE a few months ago. Turning WiFi on and off would usualy get it to work about 1 in 5 times. Now I have to force 3G to connect to VPN, which is annoying.


EE CS today suggested it was a known issue but wouldn't be drawn as to how long its been going on and how long before its expected to be fixed.


Anyone else having the same issue? IPsec VPN's are hardly uncommon thesedays.

EE Employee

Re: IPsec VPN doesn't work most of the time (network IP dependent)

Hi @nickk and welcome to the community.


I will certainly pass this over to the network team to see if I can get any further assistance for you.


I have sent you a PM to grab some details.


Many thanks,



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