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IPhone Files app - doesn’t upload on 4G

I’ve just had a need to use the Files app on my iPhone to upload a document to iCloud.

i found that it was stuck at a “waiting to upload” status.

i had to turn on WiFi (I’m at work) to get it to upload.

as a test, whilst back on 4G data, I saved another file to the Files app and this document also got stuck at a “waiting to upload” state.

as soon as I turned on WiFi, the document uploaded.

can you advise please, and also check if EE are blocking ports on their network equipment.



As an aside, for months now, I can’t use the Synology app (DS Cloud) which connects me to my Synology server at home from my iPhone via 4G (but it’s OK on public and other WiFi) which leads me to believe EE are blocking ports/services.

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Re: IPhone Files app - doesn’t upload on 4G

@groovyf  Have you allowed on the files app to use cellular data ? 

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Re: IPhone Files app - doesn’t upload on 4G

You had me worried I'd missed something obvious there, but double-checked and it's set to use Mobile data. I turned it off, then on again and tried another save to Files...  the image file is still "waiting to upload".

I'm running iOs 13.1 Public Beta 2, but can't imagine that has anything to do with things as other iCloud-y stuff works OK.

On the phone, in General - About, it's showing Network Provider as EE 38.0.

The phone's had a reboot.


As another test, I uploaded a document to iCloud Drive via my web browser - uploaded successfully. It didn't appear on my phone via 4G, but instantly appeared/downloaded as soon as I connected to WiFi.

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