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I can't get my mobile data to work?



I'm on EE pay-as-you-go, on an iPhone 6s, and buy a £10 everything bundle every month. I topped up last week, and bought one, but my mobile data won't work?  Everything else in the pack works, except from the mobile data. I've tried resetting the statistics on the mobile data bit of the setting menu on my phone, but it's done absolutely nothing?  Just wondered whether anyone knew of any possible solutions to this problem? 


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Re: I can't get my mobile data to work?

Hi Molley-Ager,



have you by any chance got another or old phone, wherer you can try your SIM card for the data? I hate iThings and would never have one so thats why I can't help with settings etc. but if you could put the SIM into another / old phone and it works there then its the iPhone that needs setting up again ...  or reseting .....


I have slightly simmilar problem with my Pay Monthly SIM,  and from my experinece, its a waste of time ringing their customer service. So best bet is try to eliminate where the problem is without relying on EE :;)

For settings see my post:


Is your phone import?

What model is it?

What happens when you visit, does it show that you have available data and the correct ammount of credit?


Do you know anyone else that has got an iPhone and is on EE, if their Internet is working?

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Re: I can't get my mobile data to work?

Hi @Molley-Ager


So I can try and assist, please first can I get you to perform the following:


Network reset:

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings


Check Data is turned on:

Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Make sure moble data is on green


Let me know how you get on.


Many thanks,



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