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I am confused about speeds, can someone please help me?

At the moment I am on a SIM only phone plan, my bill lists this as “EE SIM 20GB” it is £20 a month including VAT and ends in February 2020. (I can’t seem to find any other name for this plan.) I am unsure what the official average speed of this plan is but what I am really wanting to know is how the speed of this plan would compare to the Mobile Broadband 4GEE plans on the Home Router. (


I know my actual speed will vary on a number of factors but are they the ‘same speed’ type of plan? Do EE state that one is faster on average or not?


I can’t seem to find the info I’m looking for so any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks!

by SilverZipppo Investigator

Re: I am confused about speeds, can someone please help me?

As far as I know, EE does not sell 'speed limited' plans.  The speed you get will depend entirely on where you are and what device you have your SIM installed in. 


For example, where I am now, I can get 25-30Mbs on my phone but 50-60 on my mobile broadband modem because it can take advantage of some clever features of 4G which my phone does not have. 


But if I go a mile or two up the road I might only get half of those speeds as I would further away from the mast and/or might find that there is a hill between me and the mast which would reduce the connection speed. 

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Re: I am confused about speeds, can someone please help me?

Hi and welcome to the community, @TheSkyMayBe.


@SilverZipppo's reply is a great example of how your mobile data speeds may vary.


Have you done a speed test on your phone/SIM?


You're likely to get similar speeds on a 4GEE WiFi device.


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