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How to know if I am turning my 4GEE Wifi Mini Dongle ON or OFF?

After just buying my new 4GEE Wifi Mini Dongle, every time I pressed the power button (after aready charging it via a plug socket). The blue lights would turn on for about 5 seconds then they would turn off. The internet seemed to keep working regardless of how many times I press the power button so it seemed there wasn't a function to turn the unit OFF by pressing the power button. I wanted to ensure I am not draining the battery by it being on all the time and also not using data through emails coming in etc so wanted to know if the unit is actually turned off. When I spoke to EE they said that it should just turn off after 30 minutes if you press the power button. But I don't know if I am turning it OFF or ON by doing this as the same thing happens...Blue lights on for 5 seconds then off. They suggested I reset the device by holding down the little button with an R next to it for 10 seconds. I did this and then the blue lights stayed on. This did kind of resolve the problem because I could then turn the device off and the blue lights would turn off and the internet would not work. This only worked the first time and then the blue lights just kept turning off again when the internet was working however from now on when I press the power button, the internet would stop working. So to conclude, resetting seems to work, the lights will still turn off when internet is on but when you press the power button again, the lights will come on for 5 seconds, turn off and then the internet will also turn off. Hope this helps.

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Re: How to know if I am turning my 4GEE Wifi Mini Dongle ON or OFF?

Hi and welcome to the community, @DavidBarrow.


Thanks for sharing your experience and solution.


Let us know if the problem persists in future.

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