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How to fix 4G DNS Errors



I've had a S7 Edge for a couple of months now and one thing is really annoying me - 4G data hardly ever works. Chrome gives me a DNS error at worst, and at best I'll have a few broken cached pages. Most other apps just fail with unspecified errors. If I force the phone to 3G, all is well.


I've tried entering new APN details that I found in another thread here but it hasn't made any difference. I've looked for a place to enter another DNS server (i.e. Google or OpenDNS) but apparently you can't change DNS without rooting the phone for some reason.


The frustration is when I'm at work - It's a very poor 3G signal (0-1 bar on a good day) but a reasonable 4G signal (2-3 bars). But 4G doesn't work even when I'm standing right next to the mast, yes I have tried!


Naturally the last time I went to the high street store where I bought the phone, 4G was working just fine. Smiley Mad



Any advice? Thanks.

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Re: How to fix 4G DNS Errors

I've had similar issues here with my iPhone at least twice now over the last few weeks I've lost all data when connected using 4G, turn 4G off and use 3G and data starts working again.


I've reported this twice now, but as usual with EE, they can never find anything wrong.

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Re: How to fix 4G DNS Errors

Hi @Peter-H,


Welcome to the EE Community.


I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues when using 4G.


Have you reported this with customer services?





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