by Chrost

How to add someone to share your data plan

I have been given the option for shared data with my phone contract but have no idea how to add another person to do this! Can anyone advise me?




by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: How to add someone to share your data plan

@Chrost  Share tariffs are no longer available so I don’t know how you’ve been offered this.  What’s in its place is data gifting.  With data gifting you can have 2nd phone/sim that’s on the same account as yours and that has its own allowance but if needs be you can gift data to that other device/sim and you can gift data from that device/sim to your data allowance. 


Please have a read of THIS


to have a 2nd device/sim on your account you need to just take out another contract but on your account.  

EE Community Support Team

Re: How to add someone to share your data plan

Hi @Chrost


Welcome back to the community. 🙂


Shared plans are no longer available on EE.


You are able to gift data to other devices on your account.


Please take a look at @Chris_B's reply above for more information.



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