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How does Student Discount work?

Hi all,


I am potentially going to be a new customer on EE as I have found a phone deal I am interested in.


The phone deal is £49 a month, but I want to know how the student discount works on EE.  All I have seen is that it takes 20% off. On O2 it takes 20% off the actual minutes/data bit but not off the cost of the phone so it's not 20% off the overall bill.


How does it work for EE ?    Would my price go down to just over £40 or does it take 20% off my minutes/data cost like O2 ???


Thanks for your time

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: How does Student Discount work?

@Dj3003   You get 20% off your monthly bill. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: How does Student Discount work?

Hi @Dj3003,


Welcome to the EE Community. 🙂


@Chris_B is correct, you'll get 20% off your monthly plan with EE.


Find out more in What is EE's student discount?


Hope this helps.





by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: How does Student Discount work?

EE doesnt break down the prices between the device and tariff like O2 does so the 20% is off the full monthly price.


With EE once you finish the 24 months the price stays the same (albeit the RPI price rises) until you upgrade to a new phone or go to sim only or cancel.


With O2 after the 24 months you only continue paying the tariff price as the phone is paid for then.

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