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How can I schedule gifting of data?



I have a feature request.


As a EE Family Gifting customer, I want to be able to schedule to ‘Gift’ a regular amount of data to specified family members on the same day each month, so that I can reduce load on the EE website, IOS App APIs, telephone service desk or online Service Desk Chat each month.


This would make customers lives a lot easier and would reduce service desk requests. As a MVP it could be implemented via API and rolled out as a feature enhancement to internal and external facing systems progressively; culminating in a self-service ability from the customer’s IOS app.


Please consider implementing this feature as a priority to reduce workload associated with this common request.


kind regards,

A domestic customer who is also a Digital Solutions Architect at work. 



EE Community Support Team

Re: How can I schedule gifting of data?

Hi @Diceman54


Welcome to the community and thank you for your suggestion. 🙂


I'm not going to pretend that I have any idea of the technical side of this, so I'll pass it on to our Digital team for them to take a look into it. 😄


Thanks again.





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