by majora31

Higher data limit than just 100gb?

At the moment I am using around 100 - 130gb per month of data when I am being as conservative as possible. I use my 4g as my primary means of home broadband (I live on a boat and cannot get home broadband via normal means).

The EE system is good, but has several huge limitations. The first is that 100GB simply isn't close to sufficient for home broadband. With my device updating, the work I do, video streaming etc, I have great difficulty remaining under. Often this means that I spend quite a lot of money on the 15.00 10gb packages.

This in itself wouldn't be that big an issue, if the system itself didn't have a limitation on purchasing these. You see, running out of data stops a download. If I'm downloading a 12gb file (a database for example) and get 8gb through and run out of data, I waste that 8gb entirely with no way to recover the data. Worse still, because I cannot purchase the add-ons in advance, and the top one is only 10gb, I can no longer download that file until the end of the month. This can be quite an issue when I'm running out well over a week before whilst being conservative. It means that I am no longer able to complete my job, and need to resort to much slower public wifi and leaving my home.

I have three suggestions:
1. Allow us to buy data in advance. I'd like to be able to buy 3 of the 10gb add-ons before my data runs out, and before each of them runs out. Where's the harm in allowing us to spend more money with you in one go?

2. Give is a deal with at least 200gb. I'm more than willing to pay for it, but 100gb for a home broadband connection is laughable. A steam game download alone could use the majority of it. I can't see an issue in allowing paying customers to give you more money for more service.

3. Allow us to buy additional data in bigger than 10gb slices. I buy a lot of data from EE, I often spend over 200.00 a month with you. I'd like to be able to have the convenience of peace of mind when it comes to how much data I have.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Higher data limit than just 100gb?

Hi @majora31


Thank you so much for taking the time to post again in community 🙂


At the moment, I am sorry that we don't offer the right product to meet your requirements.


I will certainly feed this back to the right team and based on your feedback this may change in future.


Thank you 





by Greywolf9
New Member

Re: Higher data limit than just 100gb?

I have exactly the same issue! No soultion offered by EE since this last post 5 months agodespite the platitudes. 


Clearly EE does not respond to its service demands with any great passion. 


I can only assume that you are protecting your bandwidth to avoid consumer saturation demand and maintain a level of bandwidth? If not why don't you want our money makes no bussiness sense to me?


Come on EE lift your customer service!



by majora31

Re: Higher data limit than just 100gb?

For anyone tracking / interested in this issue or who cares about it's resolution. EE now provide 200gb of mobile data. I can buy multiple add-ons at one time, and I can therefore always make it to the end of the month.

You can see the plans here:

It would seem they've listened, and the problem (for me at least) is fully resolved.

Thank you EE.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Higher data limit than just 100gb?

Hi @majora31,


Welcome back to the EE Community.


I'm happy to hear the new plans are better suited to your needs. Smiley Happy





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