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Gifting data whilst abroad

Hi everbody !

So I'm having a frustrating time at the moment with no being able to gift data whilst i'm travelling abroad. I last gifted two days before my last bill then once my bill had been issued ...BOOM... no data renewal for me. Now it seems EE are saying I don't get a data renewal whilst I'm abroad. Been ok for the last year so what's changed ? I've looked through gifting t&c and can't find anything to say I don't get my data entitlement on my account whilst roaming. 

I fully understand that my UK/EU data is only for use in that area but it should still show on my account, but apparently not. I loose my UK data entiltlement if I travel abroad. Nuts.


Any ideas ? Thanks !

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Grand Master

Re: Gifting data whilst abroad



your contract allowance should renew while your abroad. 

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Re: Gifting data whilst abroad

Well that's what I thought, and have experienced for the last year, up until now. I'm being stonewalled by tech support and even offered a way out of my EE contracts. All I want to know is where is my 20GB of UK data allowance ?!


I was just about to shift my son over from Vodafone and wife from o2. Until this is sorted I don't see why I would.

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Skilled Contributor

Re: Gifting data whilst abroad

Have you fallen foul of the stable links rule as you're abroad too much?



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Re: Gifting data whilst abroad

Maybe. That could be a possibility, but never offered as an explination. I'll try and dig that up and see if indeed I have.


Thanks for the pointer.

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Re: Gifting data whilst abroad

Ok. So I've looked at it. I don't think that's the problem.


"Stable links


You must comply with the EE fair use policy which includes you being a permanent resident in, or having a stable link to, the UK. We will consider you to have a stable link to the UK if, during any fourmonth period, you:


• spend a total of two months or more within the UK; or

• mainly use your inclusive voice, text or data usage allowances in the UK, rather than while you are roaming."


I fall into point 2. I never use my EE sim out of the UK/EEC area. Unless in emergency of course. And even then I still mainly use it in the UK.


It goes on to say I would be contacted about a breech etc, alas nothing.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Gifting data whilst abroad

Hi @mackem75


Welcome to the community, I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with your phone.


Our Mobile Care team will be able to check your account and find out if it is because of the stable links policy and guide you through some troubleshooting, if not.



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