by Carlsberg Investigator

Gift data not working

For the last two months I have gifted data with no problem. 2 days ago I went to gift some data to the other mobile number under my account and I get to the confirmation page on the EE app then an error code :19EAC

sorry something’s gone wrong.its our fault,it may take a while to fix,please try again in a while.

this has only happened 2 days ago as gifted data with no problems before this.

i spoke to EE & was told that as I’ve a free 5 gb data boost on my account & this seems to be causing a problem. But I have gifted data for the previous 2 months with the data boost and no problems atall till now. I upgraded to iPhone X dec 16th and would like to gift data to my sons iPhone if need to as I have before.

is there a problem with the gift data feature on the app or  an issue on my account?

any help much appreciated as would like to sort it....


by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Gift data not working

@Carlsberg  Unfortunately the answer to both questions is not something that the EE community forum can answer.  If it’s an account issue there is no account access here to see if there is an account issue.  And the app is just an access point to your account 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Gift data not working

Hi @Carlsberg


Thanks for coming to community 🙂


You need to please contact customer services and they will help you as @Chris_B has advised.


Thank you





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