by Chaderrs

Free 20gb data

Just recently returned from morroco to find that i have 38gb of data than the usual 18gb is this normal? No addons have been bought or used as my data has been turned off as morroco isnt part of any eu data plans as its not in the EU

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Free 20gb data

@Chaderrs  You’ve not got an  additional 20 gig of data it is a glitch that sometimes happens on peoples accounts.  It’s happened to both my accounts and it has been reported back to EE. 

by Chaderrs

Re: Free 20gb data

Am i safe to

use the data or not? i dont want any unexpected charges, think i have had these glitches before and i have been okay.

EE Employee

Re: Free 20gb data

Hi @Chaderrs and welcome to the community.


You are not charged out of bundle to use data, if you were without any data you would be prompted to purchase more.


Many thanks,



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