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Essentials sim only - speed capped?

I'm thinking of taking an Essentials sim plan on EE from a third party site. According to them, all EE essentials plan currently sold have uncapped data speeds, and some other sites also state that this is now the case. However on the EE site and on the price plan brochures, there is still a mention of a 60Mbps cap.

Can anyone confirm which is true?


by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Essentials sim only - speed capped?

@dezza  EE essential plan is 60Mbps.   I know this cause that’s what I have and it’s fast enough.

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Essentials sim only - speed capped?

Hello @dezza😀


Thank you for taking the time to post today. 😀


EE Essentials Plans no longer have a speed cap on their plans. This can be found here and here is a reference:


"An Essential plan gives you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and a data allowance as specified on your bill (or on My EE online). It gives you access to the UK's fastest 4G speeds on the EE network. You're also able to use your plan allowances in 48 destinations across Europe at no extra charge."


Thanks. 😀

by dezza Contributor

Re: Essentials sim only - speed capped?

Thanks for the replies 🙂


In any case I wasn't disputing that 60Mbps wasn't fast enough - certainly in comparison to other networks' sub 1Mbps 4G speed round here.


The sim only pages still suggest the cap however - is it likely that sim contracts still have the cap applied and the uncapped speeds only apply to handset contracts?

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