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Edinburgh 4G 5G speeds



Speeds in Edinburgh and between Edinburgh and Stirling on the train have recently (last two months) dropped through the floor. I have 4 bars of signal on 4G or 4G+ and no or very poor data throughput (pregnant pauses, 'no internet' messages). Doing a speedtest, I am seeing maybe 2Mbps down, and 500Kbps up at best where it used to be 20M+ in both directions. I am constantly finding that, in locations where I used to get decent service, I now get almost nothing. NB: Its is NOT my device!


Additionally 5G throughput in Edinburgh is poor, barely matching what I used to achieve with 4G. 5G is often returning maybe 5Mbps - hardly headline stealing, and with the same pregnant pauses, and high latency (with 4 bars showing) as I have on 4G.


Whats going on? your network used to be streets ahead! I can only assume that you have attracted too many customers vs available backhaul, and that your 5G is backhauled on the same infrastructure as already-congested 4G backhaul leading to no speed improvements?


To be honest for all the times I get a 5G signal in central Edinburgh (eg hardly ever!) I wish I had not bothered with 5G.

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Re: Edinburgh 4G 5G speeds

Hi KarenRW,


Backhaul limitations are nowadays seldom the cause of performance issues of the nature you describe. I have had a look at backhaul to EE sites in central Edinburgh and point to point licensed links are not highly prevalent - most sites will have fibre connectivity. In the case of 4G sites, this will usually be 1gbps and for 5G ones 10gbps.


In addition to the backhaul increase, sites get a 4G capacity boost through 4G upgrades at the time 5G is added, unless they are already built to a high capacity configuration. I have checked crowdsourced data for Edinburgh and a number of the masts are already in a very high 4G capacity configuration, with many others at intermediate to high capacity builds. 


I note the 1800MHz spectrum use has been shifted in Edinburgh, allowing for additional 4G capacity on that band in the near future.


Do you have some specific locations you are having problems in and could you say what device you have - some have a detailed field test mode which indicates the signal conditions and can be useful for investigating such cases?





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