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EE still restrict download speeds

Incase anyone else gets this, it was never resolved and EE still throttle SFTP / SSH / FTP / Rsync. I"ve seen it now for 2 years and it's never changed.


At around 4-8am I can download 1GB at 14MB/s


The rest of the day it's less than 1MB/s


Same location, same device, same sim, same coverage.

It also happens from other locations.

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: EE still restrict download speeds

4-8am many people in bed so mast not very busy.


During day people awake working. Using phones. Mast more congested.


More people using the mast slower it'll go

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by ukguy1 Investigator

Re: EE still restrict download speeds

Whilst that is a valid opinion, I did many tests 2 years ago.

I agree, some slowdown during peak times is expected.


However it's slow right up until around 2am, then bang, goes fast. Same in the morning, around 8am if I remember right, bang, throttling kicks in.


It's not a general slow down during peak hours, it's a definite reduction by a huge amount. It's a known issue, discussed widely on another thread. Even the engineers can't find out why.

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