by dinwood

EE PAYG data sim adding data

I've been using an EE PAYG data sim for a year or so, topping up and adding data successfully each time until this month.  I accedentally let it run out and now I can't add data to it.  I managed to top it up over a different wifi connection to the correct sim number, so the account has enough money to add data, but when I try to add data it says I have to connect via the account.  When I do this, ie log onto the mifi, there is no internet connection at all; connecting to is just says "no internet".  I've been trying for hours now on various devices.

by dinwood

Re: EE PAYG data sim adding data


I gave up trying to connect via the mifi that the sim is in. In the end I
put the sim into an old phone and that allowed me to connect & add data.
That's nearly 2 hours of my life I'll never see again.
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Re: EE PAYG data sim adding data

Hi @dinwood,


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Can you try and disconnect from the MiFi device and try the add on status page again?


The page wont allow you to continue while you are on a WiFi connection.



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