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Okay, so, this is a bit of a strange request, but this is the only place I could find where I could make it.


I'm currently studying Digital Media at Sixth Form, and one of my pieces of coursework requires me to create an advertising campaign for a company. Me and my partner chose EE from a list of companies, and made a campaign based around the available 4G services EE provides. One of the advertisements we had to make was audio/visual, and to avoid having to use cheap equipment to film something, I decided to make a small 2D animation with only music playing in the background. I wanted to end the advertisement with the small animation the EE logo has at the end of most of their adverts (see here: but I was unable to find this animation anywhere.


I'm hoping to find out whether it is possible to get my hands on this animation, as well as permission from EE to use it. The advertisement is being made purely for schoolwork, however I would still like to have proof of permission for everything I don't make myself. If this was possible, I would hope it would be a video file of the logo's animation with a transparent background, so I can put it over the end of my advertisement.


Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: EE Logo

Hi @mdodd9800,


Thanks for visiting the EE Community. Smiley Happy


I'm afraid I don't have a video I can send you but you might find some media assets you can use at


Hope this helps.


Best of luck with your coursework.



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