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EE APN Settings: Where to find them

Many of you have been asking how to find and change your APN Settings.


Here I've listed how to find the APN Settings for EE on the various operating systems. I will also show you how to go about changing the APN settings in this post.



The majority of the Android platform the settings are the same and in the same place. It may differ slightly though.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to More.
  3. Go to Mobile Networks.
  4. Go to Access Point Names (APN).
  5. Go to Menu.

At this point you should insert a new APN for EE. Use the following.


Name: EE internet
APN: everywhere
Proxy: Not Required
Port: Not Required
Username: eesecure
Password: secure
Server: Not Required
MMSC: http://mms/

MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MCC: 234
MNC: 30
Authentication type: Not Required or just use the default value shown.


Then Save the settings.


You will then need to restart your phone. Please test it has worked by trying to send an MMS.



  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Network and Wireless.
  3. Go to Mobile+Sim.
  4. Go to Sim Settings.
  5. Choose + add an Internet APN.

Fill in the following fields.


Profile name: EE Internet

APN: everywhere

Username: eesecure

Password: secure


Tick the box next to 'Use this APN for LTE' and then tap Save.

  1. Choose + add an Internet APN

Fill in the following fields.


Profile name: EE MMS

APN: eezone

Username: eesecure

Password: secure

Proxy server:

Proxy Port: 8080

MMSC URL: http://mms/

Maximum MMS size: 1048576


The press Save and restart your phone.



  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Network Connections.
  3. Go to Mobile Network.
  4. Choose APN.
  5. Select Mobile Plan Selector.
  6. Choose Contract or Prepay.

Fill in the following fields.


Access Point Name: everywhere

Username: eesecure

Password: secure


Press Save.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Text Messages.
  3. Go to Advanced.
  4. Scroll past the SMS settings and find the APN Settings.

Fill in the following fields.


APN Settings:

APN: eezone

Username: eesecure

Password: secure

MMSC Settings:

MMSC URL: http://mms/

Proxy URL:


Then Save and restart your phone.




  1. Go to Menu.
  2. Go to Configuration.
  3. Go to Personal Settings.
  4. Choose Web.
  5. Press Account Name. Fill in EE Interent. Tap OK.
  6. Press Homepage. Fill in Tap OK.
  7. Press use then tap no.
  8. Press acc point sett > bearer settings.
  9. Choose pack. data acc. pt then type in everywhere and tap OK.
  10. Press username then type in eesecure and tap OK.
  11. Press password then type in secure and tap OK.
  12. Press the back button three times to go back to the network list.
  13. Press and hold the name EE Internet and then press activate.
  14. Press the back button.
  15. Choose def. config. sett and press personal config > default.
  16. Press the back button twice more and get back to the Home screen.
  17. Find and choose the menu option on the Home screen.
  18. Choose configuration.
  19. Choose personal settings.
  20. Choose options.
  21. Now choose add new.
  22. Choose multimedia msg. These settings will let you send picture messages.
  23. Choose account name, type in EE MMS, then choose OK.
  24. Choose server address, type in http://mms/ and choose OK.
  25. Choose use pref. acc. pt and Choose no.
  26. Choose acc point sett.
  27. Choose proxy, then Choose enable.
  28. Choose proxy address and type in, and choose OK.
  29. Choose proxy port, type in 8080 and choose OK.
  30. Choose bearer settings.
  31. Choose pack. data acc. pt, type in eezone and choose OK.
  32. Choose username, type in eesecure, and choose OK.
  33. Choose password, type in secure, and choose OK.
  34. Press the back button three times to return to the list of networks.
  35. Press and hold on the network name, EE MMS, then choose activate.
  36. Choose the back button.
  37. Choose def. config. sett. and then choose personal config.
  38. Choose default.
  39. Press the back button twice, which will take you back to the Home screen.



You are unable to update/change APN settings on an iPhone as these are locked out by the network. These are done by Carrier updates.


BrendonH (Android Expert) Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Android 10/One UI 2.0)
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Grand Master

Re: EE APN Settings: Where to find them

You could just go here and download them to your phone. 

To contact EE Customer Services dial 150 From your EE mobile or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

EE standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekday, 8am to 8pm on weekends.
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Established Contributor

Re: EE APN Settings: Where to find them

This is a full and very interesting posting. 


However,  it does not mention the IPv4 / IPv6 question. Some websites that claim to be IPv6 compliant don't work on EE 4g unless you set the phone to run IPv4 only (in the APN settings).   Examples of affceted websites are and and the qustodio app.  There are many more.


I am no expert, but it seems to me that it would be useful if EE 4g would 'automatically drop down' from IPv6 to IPv4 if a website fails to work on IPv6.


If you search this community for 'qustodio' or 'tolkiensociety' you can find exampels of these discussions.

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