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Discrepancy between text warnings and app (data remaining)

Hi there,


Bit of a weird one, I've got a shared plan with 16GB of data (increased from 12GB after I mentioned to an EE rep that I could get 16GB for the same price with another company). I've received a text warning me I've used 80% of my data (which would leave me with 3GB or so), but when I check my EE account online and/or text AL to 150, I'm told that I have 10.6GB remaining!


I've had this before, when I got a warning that my data allowance had been exceeded and my data actually got cut off. When I called, I spoke to three different people, who all thought that I was complaining about using too much data, COMPLETELY missing the point. They did give me an additional 5GB of data to tide me over, which was handy to be honest, but still not what I wanted.


My question here is: Which figure is correct? The warning text that says I've used 80% of my data or the 6GB or so that both the online account and allowance checker text say I've used? It's handy to know, as I've now been rationing my data use to avoid getting cut off again!!





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Re: Discrepancy between text warnings and app (data remaining)

Hello @Mcalfie91 sorry to hear you are having trouble with how much data you have left. Usually the text respond from 150 or MYEE online are the most accurate. Due to this being a public user forum access to accounts is not allowed to check or query your data allowance through here, it would have to go through customer service on 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any other who can see your usage and confirm how much you have left. If you are a personal pay monthly customer on an EE plan you can also access Live Chat using one of the ways mentioned in this link. :):

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