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Diagnosing Digital TV interference with help from at800

This post explains who at800 is and how they can help diagnose TV signal interference, as occasionally 4G signal can cause interference on digital TVs.


With the rollout of 4G over 800MHz by all four UK operators, Freeview TV users may experience some interference. 



Who is at800?


At800 is an organisation that has been set up to ensure viewers can continue to receive their digital TV service without interruption.


What can they do?


At800 are able to help diagnose your issue, and if necessary, send an engineer to investigate and fix the problem. They also send out postcards in areas that may be affected by 4G interference.



How do I contact at800?


You can give them a call on 0808 13 13 800 or you can visit the at800 website. They also have an online diagnostic tool that you can follow yourself.


Most people are unaffected by this issue, and TV signal interference can happen for a number of other reasons – when you contact at800 they’ll try to help identify the reason for your specific issue.



Questions & answers



Q. Does EE's 4G spectrum affect TV signals?


A. EE’s primary 4G spectrum is 1800MHz, which doesn’t affect TV signals in any way. EE uses 800MHz on around one sixth of its 4G sites. Vodafone and O2 use 800MHz as their primary 4G spectrum, included on the vast majority of their 4G sites. Three predominantly uses 1800MHz, but does also use some 800MHz spectrum



Q: I know EE and other operators have switched on 4G in my area, and since then my TV signal has got worse. Why can’t I speak to EE about this?


A: Although it’s a possibility the interference has been caused by a 4G mast, there are other reasons which could be why your TV signal has got worse. For example there may be something wrong with the local transmitter, it could be another mobile operator in the same area, or an issue with cabling in your home. At800 are able to identify whether or not the issue is as a result of 4G from one or more of the mobile operators.



Q: Could my EE TV box be affected by 4G?


A: Yes it’s possible, but it’s unlikely. Any TV that uses the Freeview Digital TV service could be impacted by 4G interference. Satellite and cable TV won’t be affected by 4G however.



For further information see the at800 website.



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