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Default account [MOD EDIT XXXXXXX]

Hi, after closing my contract in March and paying my final bill I was told my account was closed. I subsequently turned my phone off and have not used it since. Low and behold I check my credit report and there is a default on my file for unpaid bills. I had no correspondence, no letters and any texts or phone calls will have gone unreceived as I wasn't using the phone. How can a company be so devious and effect lives so much and just add a default to my file. I am applying for my mortgage and now because of this and the fact it stays on for 6 years I am unable to secure anything. I paid off the balance you said I owed and the only thing you will do is wrote 'Settled' on my file.... how does this even help? You need to remove the default as it was your error and your misinformation that has caused this. I have seen so many complaints on this subject and seen your lack of interest in putting this right with customers.


I will follow this up with the omburdsman should I not get a resolution.

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Re: Default account - 110639332

@Rpyrah29   This is a public forum not customer services so no one here can help you with this you will need to speak with customer services about this. 


Please read THIS

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Re: Default account - 110639332

Hi @Rpyrah29


I'm very sorry to see the situation that you're in regarding this.


There are three ways to query something that’s showing on your credit file:




  • Send a letter to our credit referrals team:
    6 Camberwell Way
    Doxford Park
    SR3 3XN


We will aim to respond to queries via email within 48 hours. Queries via post may take a little longer.


If you would like to discuss your account specifically further, please contact our customer support team.


I sincerely hope that you're able to get this resolved.



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