by chantelleedwins


Hi there, i don’t understand why my data is goin so quickly I have 6gb a month and that recently got topped up on the 11th and I have apparent used more then 4gb. 


I turn off all the apps I don’t use with the data and am mostly constantly on WiFi? 


So so can you please explain how I have nearly finished 6gb in about 4 days? Because this is ridiculous! 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Data

@chantelleedwins  Are you allowing apps that use data to run in the background ?  

EE Community Support Team

Re: Data

Hi @chantelleedwins


Thanks for posting in community 🙂


Things like normal browsing and email only use a small amount of data, others such as watching catch-up TV or videos on YouTube can use significantly more.


If you're using a 4G WiFi device you'll need to consider how many devices, such as phones and tablets, are connecting to it, along with what each device is using the Internet for.


Please take a look at our How much Internet data are you using on EE? support article for further information.


Please also pay attention to the question from @Chris_B as the point he's making could remedy the data situation.





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