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Data connection help.

I'm on PAYE with EE. I cant get connected to data although there is plenty of credit on my phone. Called into EE shop who are telling me its mandatory to buy a data pack to get connected Is this correct?

Cant find anything on google about it. Thanks

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Grand Master

Re: Data connection help.



What phone and what tariff/pack are you on?


Have you tried downloading your APN settings from this site:



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Re: Data connection help.

Hi @Mc4,


Welcome to the EE Community.


That's correct, you must have an active pay as you go pack or data add on to use data.





by Mc4 Investigator

RRe: Data connection help.

Just read yr message. 

It's a moto e 3rd generation. I'm on payg.

I've just downloaded the stuff you mentioned. Not put it on yet...

by Mc4 Investigator

Re: Data connection help.

It came up as Internet accessible so I didn't change any settings.


Thanks for the reply.

Seems a bit strange that this information is not readily available? EE never mentioned that I couldn't use existing credit to use data without buying a data pack. 

Don't get me wrong I have no problem buying a data pack when I need one. It's just that EE have not explained that on payg it's mandatory to buy one in order to access data, and that phone credit can't be used to access data.

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