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Data add ons twice



I'm just wondering if it is possible to buy two data add ons in one month? I've checked the app and it won't let me purchase anymore and the T&Cs aren't very clear if I can buy more or not once this bundle runs out.




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Re: Data add ons twice

Hello @Eclmmac1 you can yes but you can only purchase one add on at a time. When your current add on has expired or been used up you will be able to purchase another. 🙂

EE Community Support Team

Re: Data add ons twice

Hi @Eclmmac1,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Yes, you will be able to purchase another add on once your current one runs out.


If you are purchasing multiple add ons in a month, you may be better off switching to a different plan.


Please get in touch with customer services if you would like to discuss your options.





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