by JosieLauren23

Data abroad

I am using my phone abroad on a EE Extra tariff and can only use 500mg of ny 2gb a month. Is there a way I can upgrade this to use all of it?

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Data abroad

EE Employee

Re: Data abroad

Welcome to the Community @JosieLauren23


The only way to increase your EU data allowance would be to change your plan.


Max Plans have different EU data allowances and do cost more than the standard plans.


If this is an option Customer Services will be able to avise what plans are available.


Thanks - Karen. Smiley Happy

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Data abroad

Wait till next month and see what EE announce for existing customers roaming in the EU?

by Scholarly Contributor
Scholarly Contributor

Re: Data abroad

Hi Josie, 

Starting next month, you'll be able to use all of your allowance due to EU rule changes so you might as well bare with it for now.

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