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Cheating on data usage

I am fairly convinced EE are cheating on data usage. I have been with o2 for a very long time and I consistently used 2-3gb of data. I even streamed Apple Music on occasion and NEVER exceeded 4gb in one month. 


I bought an ee phone contract in Dec 16 as it was cheaper per month. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. 


Upon on receiving the phone I stupidly put my o2 SIM card in my new iPhone 7 and locked the phone to o2. In took just over a month to unlock the phone and use my EE sim. During this month I used my phone without restriction including streaming music and used 3gb of data. 


When I switched to EE within days I got a text saying I had used ALL of my 2gb data. I was shocked and thought perhaps I had accidentally downloaded apps whilst out. I changed settings on my iPhone to stop this and bought an extra and expensive 10gb. Within TWO WEEKS I got a text saying I had used all of the 10gb of data!! At this point I knew something was wrong I have never used this much data in my life. I am a 30 year old women with a busy job it's not possible. At this point I am only using instagram, Snapchat on occasion, safari browsing and what's app. I do not stream watch YouTube or use Facebook.


at this point I called EE and explained the situation and how I knew it wasn't accurate, also my data counter on my phone was vastly different. I received a very condensing response about streaming and Facebook the woman didn't listen to me at all. 3 further conversations later I finally got someone to call tech support who basically told me their data  counters are correct at that is that. 


I am now at the point where I basically cannot use my phone out of the house. I have turned mobile data off for everything except safari and what's app. During the last 9 days EE data counter says that I have used 2.7 of data. My phone says 1.3gb [roughly half interestingly enough]. 


There is no possible way I have used 2.7gb of data in 9 days on safari browsing and what's app. I have never streamed anything in this time. 


Ee refuse to acknowledge the problem. Googling says I am not the only one. They are ripping off so many people. Now I am stuck with this useless contract for another 21 months. I am furious. 

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Grand Master

Re: Cheating on data usage

Try restricting background data & software update only over WiFi.

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Re: Cheating on data usage

I have done all of that. Turned off wifi assist. Reset network settings. Everything. The only thing that has changed is the network and suddenly I'm haemorrhaging data. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Cheating on data usage

Hi @Worstnetwork,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Please get back in touch with our technical team so they can take another look at your account.


If you follow the link above you can chat with them online.





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Re: Cheating on data usage

Interesting as I have posted the very same issue.  Did you get an answer on this?  

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