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I have an IPhone 8 and a V380 cctv camera.  The camera works via an app which I can access fine over WiFi (both at my home and other WiFi networks)  and also on my husbands 02 network.  However I can’t view it on my EE 4g network. (UK)  Also tested on my sons EE 4g and it doesn’t work.  App developers are Chinese and no way to contact. Seen a few posts where people have similar issues but can’t find a fix.  Any help would be gratefully received.  Thanks

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@Rosie3351 : It's likely that you'll come up against a limitation of EE's mobile network. The EE mobile network uses Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT), which means that you don't get your own public IP address but share it with other users. So you can't be uniquely id'ed on the Net & therefore your LAN cannot be addressed from outside for unsolicited accesses. This is unlike fixed BB.

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